5 Practical Things You Can Do About the Refugee Crisis From Ireland


**updated 11.49 4/9/2015**

At this point everyone has seen the shocking images of Syrians, Afghans and other refugees suffering great hardship and even dying for the chance to reach safety in the European Union. The response of the Irish Government has been disgraceful so far, offering only to take in 600 refugees. This needs to change

Taking my cue from this effort from the UK Independent earlier here’s a version for Ireland. These are 5 things you can do to in the fight to ensure refugees get treated with the respect they deserve

 1) Petition the Government

The civil society organisation Uplift has a petition aimed at Enda Kenny calling on him to give shelter to refugees in Ireland.

Sign the petition here

Even better you can contact your local representatives by email, letter or phone and let them know what you think about their lack of action. Find the details of your local TD on contact.ie 

2) Donate

Theres currently some groups around Ireland gathering donations of money, clothes and other forms of supplies for the refugees in Calais.

Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity

Cork Calais Refugee Solidarity

Northern Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity

You can also follow the example of people in Iceland and Germany and offer to host  refugees on Uplift’s site.

Pledge a Bed

Heres a list of charities working to help with the crisis as provided by the UK Independent.

Save the Children: distributing essential items such as diapers, hygiene kits and food

Red Cross Europe: providing emergency health services at central train stations

Migrant Offshore Aid Station: dedicated to preventing migrant deaths at sea

International Rescue Committee:  improving living conditions by setting up camps

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): providing water, mosquito nets, tents, healthcare

Refugee Action: advice about claiming asylum, the asylum process, asylum support

World Vision: providing food, water, shelter, education and psychosocial care

Via Jim in the comments

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) are patrolling the Med in 3 Search & Rescue vessels and have so far this year rescued nearly 15,000 people!!


There are plans under way to organise protests to put more pressure on the Irish Government. The first of which takes place this Saturday the 5th of September  in Dublin with a day of action on behalf of refugees. There is also an action in Limerick.

There are also plans for a demonstration to coincide with an International day of action on this issue on the 12th of September.

4) Volunteer

There are several groups in Ireland working on behalf of refugees both inside and outside the country. Here’s some of them

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

Irish Refugee Council

Doras Luimní (Limerick)

Anti Racist Network

NASC the Irish Immigrant Support Center  (Cork)

5) Support the Campaign to End Direct Provision in Ireland

This latest crisis isn’t the first time Ireland has failed those fleeing war, torture and oppression. Thousands continue to languish in Ireland in the cruel system known as Direct Provision, which has already been called the Magdalene Laundries of our generation.

Many of the groups linked in the volunteer section are also working on this issue, but one of the most impressive is Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI). This group is led and organised by the victims of the DP system itself.


*This is a work in progress please feel free to leave further suggestions, corrections etc in the comments

**Racist trolling will be deleted so don’t bother.

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21 Responses to 5 Practical Things You Can Do About the Refugee Crisis From Ireland

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  2. MrsucS says:

    Open up all the old army camps until we can re home them do something

  3. Paula spain says:

    I have lots of children’s clothes , how can I donate?

  4. Patrick Neary says:

    With all the tents sleeping bags etc that will be left behind at electric picnic, create a temporary encampment/settlement on the grounds to exist until the end of the month and leave an adequate amount of facilities in place there so that it is okay to stay there in decent conditions and then people who are prepared to house the refugees could go and collect them from there…….

    • Cathy says:

      All the tents and equipment left behind after Electric Picnic has been ‘rescued’ and is being transported to Calais to house refugees there.

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  6. Cecilia Ni cheilleachair says:

    I suggest to the government that we take at least two refugees for every Irish economic refugees who had to eave Ireland since 2008 and go to Europe ,Usa, Australia UK
    , Canada etc…I’m sure the nos would exceed 600!!

  7. Jim says:

    You forgot about Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) they’re patrolling the Med in 3 Search & Rescue vessels and have so far this year rescued nearly 15,000 people!! Donate here: http://www.msf.ie/donate

  8. greeneangel says:

    There are alot of hotels and houses etc closed down let then live there and give them community work so they are repaying the system and feel like they are doing something in return….its not right to sit back and do nothing the Irish are a welcoming nation these people deserve a chance to live a normal life these children need our help.

  9. greeneangel says:

    Let them live in the closed down hotels that nama own surly it’s better to have people in them these people could be placed onto community employments to repay their shelter etc they all deserve basic human rights and a chance to live in a safe place these families and children need our help. We need to act now not later….

  10. Nancy Caston-hawkes says:

    We have donated some things already when we were in Calais, is there a way we can say that we have room to house some refugees?

  11. Gráinne Uí Dhomhnaill says:

    Hi, I’ve just pledged 7 bedspaces in our house in Donegal. I’m at home with 2 small children – same ages as the 2 deceased Kurdi children. I want my government to realise that ordinary people in this country want to reach out and give a helping hand to people in crisis who are in danger trying to reach safety.

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  13. Vincent bourke. says:

    I have a small building firm if we can do anything to help fix up some
    places for these people let us know.

  14. leslie sweeney says:

    …and don’t forget there is always prayer. Prayers from the heart are always heard!

  15. Crystal Bourke says:

    Is there a collection point for clothes and supplies in galway for Calais?

  16. Don’t forget about Greece. We are currently collecting for a group on Facebook called help for humans – kerry Ireland and are in talks with charities there. Will be going in convoy in about 3 weeks. Items needed are same as Calais.

  17. Naomi Ambury says:

    What about a mentoring programme of some sort whereby people who could not have a family actually living with them could adopt a refugee family or an individual and spend some time with them on a regular basis to help them integrate?
    Or run programmes to help with their education such as teaching them English?

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