A Letter to Eamon Gilmore

Eamon in his flatscreen watching days.

Eamon in his flatscreen watching days.

I’m still rather perplexed by comments made about young people by our Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore last week during the budget. I felt decided to send a letter to seek clarification.

Dear Mr Gilmore,

I am writing to you in response to your recent comments made as regards to cuts to the dole for young people in this year’s budget. Namely I was confused about your assertion that “The place for any young person is not permanently in front of a flatscreen TV. It is in education and training,”  However I think I now understand what you meant.

I was unsure how the average young person in today’s austerity Ireland could afford such a luxury as a flatscreen TV. For starters I doubt the majority of students could ever manage to afford one with the ever increasing fees and ever shrinking grants for those who still qualify.

Even those of us who aren’t in college are hardly able to save up for one on what you make stacking shelves in Tesco for 18 months under the Jobsbridge scheme. Even before this cut to the dole I doubt young people who rely on it for survival could afford one either. Surely in present day Ireland flatscreen TV’s are out of the price range for all but the most privileged 26 yr olds?

The conclusion I’ve come to, from what I thought at first to be a rather strange remark, is that there must be some government scheme I’ve failed to hear of enabling young people to get these flatscreen TV’s. Perhaps as a stimulus plan for our beleaguered retail sector? Am I right in this line of thinking?

If so, I would like to laud you for taking a stand against such a disgusting policy discriminating against citizens of this nation based on their age. All citizens of this nation must be treated equally; therefore I feel this flatscreen TV scheme must be expanded to everyone or scrapped. I’m sure you agree.

I am very glad you’re using your voice in pursuit of social justice against such blatant inequality. It’s great that in these dark times for Ireland we have someone like you in Government who is unwilling to allow sections of society to be targeted with unfair treatment justified by something as arbitrary as their age.

Yours sincerely,

Mad Durdu

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